My felt flowers.

- This world is full of splendor! - whispered out joyfully a little Snail when born to life at a spring time on a flourishing meadow.
She was so cute that every one liked her very much there. Butterflies shared their secrets with her. Every flower was eager to invite her to swing on its slender stems.

Every morning, the Snail would hurry towards the biggest and most beautiful flower in the field in order to enjoy the crystal clear droplets of morning due - the entire world got reflected in there in the droplets.

Later, the Flower would lull the Snail on its soft leaves singing her beautiful songs to the tune of a tender wind.
- What a happy beautiful world! - would thought the Snail, watching serenely the white clouds above.

Once a little girl came to the meadow. She sang a jolly song and picked up flowers. The most beautiful flower turned eagerly towards the girl, and didn't even notice the poor Snail fell down. The Snail got desperate and cried, and cried, and cried bitterly when the little girl took her best friend away from the field. And from her! From her...
In the city full of noise and dust, the little girl put the bunch of flowers in a vase and soon forgot about it.
On the brink of its demise, the most beautiful flower regretfully rocked its bent head and recollected the scenery of the happy meadow, the tears like droplets of due, and its dear friend Snail...

I must confess I am fond of flowers. But only when they are living, not in a bouquet. I wish the beauty of flowers shined on eternally! My flowers made of felt never fade out and always keep their shape and colors. Let us protect the nature! Promoting hand made beauty is a noble way of doing it...

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filz-t-raum.ch said...

i love your feltflowers!!!
have a look on my blog.... there is a international feltflower-project!(click on the button, then you can read it in english)